Pumps & infusion sets available in the UK

Pumps are currently available in the UK from the following companies.  Please visit their websites to see up-to-date information about their pumps.

For pictures and descriptions of all pumps currently available in the UK, see pages 24 & 25 of the Diabetes UK Meds & Kits guide 2015.

University College London Hospitals paediatric diabetes clinic also has a handy guide to pumps available there which includes such detail as smallest bolus (units), lowest basal rate, how waterproof it is plus the clinic’s opinion of each.

Animas: www.animascorp.co.uk

Cellnovo: www.cellnovo.com (in selected centres only)

Medtronic: www.medtronic-diabetes.co.uk

Medtrum: www.medtrum.com

OmniPod: www.mylife-diabetescare.co.uk

Roche Accu Chek: www.accu-chek.co.uk

Infusion sets

With tethered pumps (currently all except OmniPod) there is a choice of infusion set, so you can use one that suits you best.  If you have only ever used one type of infusion set you might want to ask your pump nurse or the pump company for samples of the other infusion sets to try out.

The variety includes:

  • manual vs. automatic insertion
  • teflon vs. steel cannula
  • straight-in vs. slanted needle
  • ability to disconnect the infusion set without removing the cannula

Click here to see a comparison of infusion sets – it is a US site and out-of-date, but it gives a good overview of the different types of infusion sets available.

In development / coming soon

Jewel Pump: www.jewelpump.com “miniaturized Patch-pump with 500U insulin for up to 7 days use”

Kaleido insulin patch pump: www.hellokaleido.com “Kaleido is insulin pump therapy for those who don’t believe in boring.”