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What is an insulin pump and how does it help?

This page includes an overview of pumps; how it helps you achieve better control; why pump users like them; disadvantages and how to tell if insulin pump therapy might be right for you. An insulin pump is really just a computerised … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland

INPUT volunteers Viv and Elaine are waiting to help you access diabetes technology in Northern Ireland. Join in the conversation on Facebook: Northern Ireland insulin pump users & wannabes  or make contact via the ‘Contact us’ button at the top … Continue reading

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Pumps & infusion sets available in the UK

Click here to see our comparison table of all insulin pumps currently available in the UK With thanks to Dr Peter Hammond who provided the inspiration and some of the data for this table.             … Continue reading

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Eye on Wales, BBC Wales 20 Oct 2013 —— Join in the conversation on Facebook: Wales Insulin Pump Users & Wannabes and like the page of the National Insulin Pump Co-ordinator for Wales —— Chris Headland, Wales National Insulin Pump Coordinator … Continue reading

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Patients wanting to access insulin pump therapy in Scotland face different issues from those in England. Please visit the website of the Insulin Pump Awareness Group Scotland for more information: www.iPAG.co.uk or join in the conversation on Facebook: iPAG Scotland

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Pump clinics

This is a list of pro-active pump clinics.  Help us to keep this list up to date – if you believe your clinic should be here, or if you believe a clinic here is no longer pro-active, please contact us. … Continue reading

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Type 2 diabetes

Professor John Pickup, Professor of Diabetes & Metabolism at Guy’s Hospital, London, writes: “Many patients with type 2 diabetes eventually need insulin injections to achieve good blood glucose control. Whilst this switch from tablets to insulin produces improved long-term control … Continue reading

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Can I get an insulin pump on the NHS?

“Can I get an insulin pump on the NHS?” In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, providing you meet certain criteria, the answer is yes! In order to receive NHS funding, you will need your consultant’s recommendation for pump therapy. Step-by-step guide … Continue reading

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NICE appraisal of insulin pump therapy

View NICE TA 151 Summary The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is the independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on the promotion of good health and the prevention and treatment of ill health. NICE produces guidance … Continue reading

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Kids & pumps

Children With Diabetes – online community and UK advocacy group. Join the UK CWD Facebook group/s or mailing list to speak to other UK families with children of all ages Families with Diabetes National Network – improving care in your local … Continue reading

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