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CGM / Flash user reviews

We asked sensor users to tell us what they like most and least about the sensing system they use. Here’s what you said: (this is a work in progress, please bear with us!) Click the arrow in the “type of … Continue reading

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Libre supplies restricted – again

The following message is from Abbott: “Accelerating demand for the FreeStyle Libre system, paired with earlier than expected approvals and reimbursement in numerous countries, has led to shipping delays for web shop customers. We are working hard to address these … Continue reading

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Access to Flash Glucose Monitoring (Flash GM)

Diabetes UK, INPUT and JDRF believe that Flash GM devices should be made available to any adult or child with type 1 diabetes, and to people with other forms of diabetes when intensive insulin therapy becomes necessary as outlined in our guideline. … Continue reading

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Tax break for employers who provide CGM / Libre

For adult CGM / Libre users who are employed by helpful employers: there may be a tax break for employers who supply CGM / Libre to their employees. This information is from a professional tax adviser. It should work, but … Continue reading

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Flash Glucose Sensing (Libre)

Flash Glucose Sensing(FGS) is located under “CGM” simply because it uses a sensor and displays trends. It has its own page because it is not CGM but is more than blood glucose testing. Abbott describe their FreeStyle Libre as a … Continue reading

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Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

CGM gives information about glucose levels every few minutes, allowing the user to see a graph of glucose levels rather than just a single measurement at a given point in time. The user or their carer inserts a sensor that … Continue reading

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