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How accurate is my glucose monitor?

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Better clinic appointments

Changing the conversation at your next diabetes appointment INPUT often hears from people who are frustrated with the usual conversation they have when they go to a diabetes care appointment. Whether it’s because the consultant doesn’t seem to listen, or … Continue reading

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Education – the gateway to better glucose control

Decades ago, Elliott P Joslin said ‘The diabetic who knows the most lives the longest’. DAFNE (Dosage Adjustment For Normal Eating) is a well-known structured education programme about how to manage your condition for people with Type 1 diabetes, but … Continue reading

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Online tools, apps, DiaPort, in development

Other technologies that can help us to achieve better control include: Online resources – BERTIE Online – Type 1 diabetes education programme – free and entirely online online blood glucose records/analysis (where you upload your blood glucose meter readings – … Continue reading

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