Online tools, apps, DiaPort, in development

Other technologies that can help us to achieve better control include:

Online resources

    • BERTIE Online – Type 1 diabetes education programme – free and entirely online
    • online blood glucose records/analysis (where you upload your blood glucose meter readings – and pump settings/history if you have one).  For example: Diasend – there’s an app for that now, too!
    • peer support is a great tool for better control too, by sharing of knowledge and encouragement (see our Diabetes Online Resources page for some links, and the Social get-togethers page for face-to-face peer support)
    • VoyageMD is a website dedicated to help people with diabetes who travel. It will generate a journey itinerary  to provide info (hotels, airlines and travel insurance companies), advice on airport procedures and how to store  insulin, medication and monitoring equipment; personalized blood glucose monitoring and insulin dosing schedules across time zones and in the event of unexpected delays; Carbohydrate content of airline and hotel meals and local delicacies at the destination and where to obtain medical supplies and assistance at the destination.
    • ExCarbs – a website full of info about managing type 1 diabetes during exercise (for normal people, not athletes!)
    • RunSweet – “helping athletes with diabetes to be winners”
    • TeamBG – “inspires people with, and those at risk of diabetes to achieve their sports and exercise goals, to educate people with diabetes of the benefits of sports and exercise and to equip them with the tools to achieve their goals”

Bolus calculator and logbook apps –

Please note: bolus calculator apps do not have to conform to any standards nor be approved by any regulatory process. Therefore, it is wise to double-check any bolus advice given by an app, and pause to think “does this seem about right” before taking a bolus.

    • MySugr for Android, iOS and web (now with Libre integration)
    • Track3 for iPhone
    • Glooko for iPhone/iPod Touch
    • Ontrack for Android
    • RapidCalc for iOS – bolus dose calculator for people on MDI, including insulin-on-board tracker (reviewed here)
    • ManageBGL for iOS
    • Mumoactive for iOS or Android, “making diabetes management more like text messaging and less like a visit to the doctor.”

Other useful apps –

  • Carbs & Cals, food content database for iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • ‘Appy feet for iPhone – for managing diabetic neuropathy

Intra-peritoneal insulin infusion port (Roche Accu-Chek DiaPort) – a port implanted through the abdominal wall into the peritoneal cavity, DiaPort should last around 5 years before it needs to be removed and replaced. More info from the link above, or join this Facebook group to talk to users/interested people.

In development –

Macro-encapsulation devices will encase islet cells in a protective shell that cannot be invaded by the immune system but will allow nutrients to reach lab-grown implanted islet cells within.

  • Encaptra  information here and here. Human trials start this year (2015)
  • β-air  – information here and here
  • BioHub – information available here – safety testing of components started in 2014
  • De Montfort University, England – information here


6 Responses to Online tools, apps, DiaPort, in development

  1. Karen S says:

    Your Other technologies section can I suggest you have a look at the track3 Diabetes and carb counting planner app for the I Phone and I pod. It’s £3.49 from the app store but I found it really useful especially when I was eating out cause it includes carb amount for different take away foods i.e KFC, Buger King, Mcdonalds etc and if it helps others like it helps me. When I first had problems with my Diabetes I looked on this site and found the information very useful about applying for funding for my insulin pump and getting the right hospital and consultant to manage my Diabetes and to put me on a insulin pump and help me tighten my diabetic control and give me back my freedom and I would like to share information with you that can help other patients like this site helped me.

  2. Josie says:

    How about adding a section on Blood glucose meters,some link up to pumps nowadays.They are also vital for helping to maintain good control

    • inputadmin says:

      Hi Josie
      Thanks for your suggestion. You are right – blood glucose meters are an important part of toolkit for good control.

      However, people with Type 1 diabetes generally get their meters free nowadays, and people with Type 2 can buy them cheaply at the chemist. Of course provision of test strips for people with Type 2 is another issue entirely…

      Therefore, as meters are generally easily obtained I don’t feel that it would benefit people who visit this site to see them here. Meter reviews and comparisons can be seen on some of the other websites we link to, and I would especially recommend this one:

      Best wishes

  3. Ruth says:

    For android there is a free app called ontrack, a pretty good app for simply storing bloods and insulin amounts as well as exercise and weight etc.

  4. Rachel says:

    I have downloaded the ontrack app, but I am having trouble working out how you enter basal rates? I can get the app to accept bolus doses with meals but thats it. Can anyone help or recommend a more pump friendly tracker app?

    Thank you


    • inputadmin says:

      Hi Rachel

      Glad you found the link helpful. Its probably best if you contact the app support as I haven’t used it myself. There should be a support link under ‘About’ or something similar.

      Hope that helps.


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