Can I get Libre on the NHS?


Libre reader following a 'flash'

Libre reader following a ‘flash’

“Can I get Libre on the NHS?”

Update: From 1 April 2019, in England, flash glucose monitoring (currently that’s just Libre) will be available on the NHS for every patient who qualifies for it, in line with NHS clinical guidelines. This will end the current variability of access across England.

Read the NHS England announcement
Read JDRF UK’s news item

Note that the criteria for eligibility will be set by NHS England (not the local CCG) and these will be published on the NHS England website before 1 April 2019.

Northern Ireland, Wales and most of Scotland have already had their appropriate NHS funding bodies agree to provide flash, but the criteria are varied.

There are no NICE guidelines on the use of Libre, only a Medical Innovation Briefing, which does not make recommendations.

People who do not get Libre on prescription will still be able to buy direct from Abbott. Some local pharmacies are selling Libre at a discounted price – ask the diabetes online community on social media for locations of those pharmacies.

Libre website & webshop (be sure to tick the VAT exemption box)