Clare’s story

As another issue of Balance lands on my doorstep I thumb through and start reading all the articles which interest me.

Ah, something on pumps. NO WAY! I don’t even bother to look at it, let alone read it. Flick over the page. I’m NEVER going on a pump! I’m quite happy with my pens THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Why would I want a pump?

Spin on a bit, ALFFI course at my local hospital in 2011/2012. A lot of very interesting things and now they’re showing us all a PUMP? Pass it around they say (it’s in its box with various “things”. BLEURGH I’m NEVER going on a pump. OMG have you seen the size of it? The box edges nearer to me. I am NOT touching it. I don’t want one. I have to touch the box to pass it on. I’m not touching the PUMP. I don’t need one. I don’t WANT one. The DSN says “take it out, have a look”. Argh Oh god, I have to look interested and not petulant. I feel like an irritable child. I take it out. OMG it feels so heavy. How could ANYBODY have THAT stuck on them and that tubing?! Are you serious? I’m NEVER going on one of those. Why WOULD YOU?


Spin on a bit – 2012

HbA1C edging up. MDIs not really working. Control quite poor despite lots of tests and trying things out. A lot of hypos.

Lovely dietician says “have you thought about going on a pump?”

OMG WHY I say? It’s disgusting. I don’t want one. She gently explains look, here are the bonuses:

  • teeny amounts of bolus and basal
  • different rates for when you do different things (things as simple as sleeping, doing some sport, exercise, just walking, shopping, time of the month)
  • different rates for controlling those hard to control times that you just can’t change with MDIs
  • dual wave boluses for buffet meals, Indians, Chinese meals – you decide, you’re MORE in control.

She went and got one. I was big and brave. I held it, looked at it whilst she talked me through it’s pros. How great and different it was, but what different results.
I opened my mind. “TRY IT! You’re not in control of your diabetes, haven’t been for a while.”

I agreed, and was put forward. I got mine on 16th Jan 2013. I have now had 2 HbA1Cs and I have come down both times!

It doesn’t SOLVE/CURE all your problems and you need to put in the work but if you’re already carb counting, adjusting your doses and test your blood a few times a day, you’re already doing most of the work you need. I don’t run perfect blood sugars all the time (alas) BUT OMG, it’s changed my diabetic life!

I can do different boluses for different meals, have some up front, let the rest go in gently over time that I set, depending on what I’m eating – revolutionary!

I currently have 4 different basals set but am going to add in a few more.

I’m still learning and there’s so much you can experiment with but I would never want to go back to MDIs. This is diabetic-life-changing.

I can do the smallest of increments, correct much more easily, adjust rates.
I feel LOST when I take it off even to go in the shower. It’s just with me all the time and I’m loving it.

Here’s to my new lot of years in my diabetic life with a pump and the hopes that I master even more things to do with it.