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There are many ways you can help us:

  • help other people find us: tell them about us in conversation, in your clinic, online
  • like our Facebook page and/or follow our Twitter feed to keep up to date with news, hear about surveys, and find out where we will be exhibiting. Like and share or retweet our messages (see top right for links)
  • start a local informal support group and tell people about us if they are trying to access diabetes technology

We asked some of our donors why they give to us:

Fiona said “You are providing information that is useful and easy to find on your website.”

Iain Jenkins said “Because I think that there is such a problem with the NHS web of contracts that is so hard to navigate, and the postcode/HCP lottery leading to problems getting help with things that could make a massive difference to T1’s lives.”

Lis donates because “INPUT’s service and web site desperately needed for those who meet a brick wall with their healthcare professionals and those who know little about NICE guidance, pumps or CGM”

Lisbet donates “so (you) can help people with type 1 diabetes to access insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors via the NHS.”

Julia said “Maintenance of the excellent web site & ‘news’ channel via social media as it’s where I learn about new tech”