JDRF and INPUT merged on 1 October 2018. INPUT:JDRF will continue to improve access to treatments and technologies for people with type 1 diabetes throughout the UK.

INPUT was founded in 1998 as an independent voluntary organisation by
John Davis MBE, an insulin pump user. We became a registered charity in 2013 and continue to be run by insulin pump users and their families.

We aim to help any person who could benefit from diabetes technology and has the motivation to use it, to access it through the NHS. Our mission is to support patients by advocating for easier access to diabetes technology across the UK – from insulin pumps to continuous glucose monitoring and bolus advisors.

We don’t have a membership programme, because we believe technology helps us to manage our diabetes without it taking centre-stage in our lives (unless we want it to), and as we have a specific mission – access to technology – we think it would be more beneficial for people to belong to an organisation with a wider view, such as JDRF or Diabetes UK. However, although our budget is very small, all donations help us to continue so that we can help other people.

If you would like to make a donation to INPUT, please click on the pink ‘Donate’ button.

We do not receive funding from the government or NHS. We are supported by revenue from the adverts you see at the top of certain pages (but not the links within the text) so please do click on the adverts, and donations from individuals who have benefitted from our help/information.  We are very grateful for their support. We maintain our independence by providing advocacy and advice about all relevant products and we show no favouritism for our advertisers. We do not use charity funding to purchase pump or CGM equipment or supplies for ourselves or anyone else. We are committed to providing impartial support for any patient, carer, professional or company needing information or support regarding access to diabetes-related technology in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We refer enquiries from Scotland to our colleagues at iPAG.

More than 40,000 people visit our website each year. If they donated just 37p each, we would have the £15,000 we need (in addition to advertising revenue) to keep this service running. Please give £2 to help, now! Or donate at no extra cost when you shop online.

On what do we spend the donations we receive?

2 part time salaries (we put a lot of time into this!); travel expenses to events, meetings, parliament, etc; web hosting; answerphone facilities; printing; a registered address (required by law as we have no offices); insurances (required by law); independent examination of accounts (required by law). We do not have any premises, so we don’t have to pay any rent nor utility bills.

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Who we are

We are a registered charity with a board of trustees and an advisory board of healthcare professionals.

Running INPUT day-to-day are:

Mrs Lesley Jordan – Chief Executive and pump / DiaPort user. Lesley was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1968 at the age of 2. She started using a pump in 2002 (self funding) and was granted NHS funding as soon as the first NICE technology appraisal on insulin pump therapy was published in 2003. She has been self-funding CGM (with some sensors provided by her clinic) since 2013. Lesley qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1992 but hasn’t nursed for over 10 years.

Mrs Melissa Holloway – Chief Adviser and pump / CGM user. Melissa was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1994 aged 11. Melissa grew up in Virginia, USA, and moved to the UK in 2008. She was using a pump long before she came to the UK and before the 2003 NICE technology appraisal. She has been using CGM since 2006.  Melissa has previously worked in the diabetes care industry and is now a freelance medical copywriter in healthcare advertising and works part-time for INPUT. She has provided consulting services to Dexcom and Ascensia Diabetes Care.


Lesley Jordan

Melissa Holloway

Melissa Holloway



and a number of volunteers including Elaine and Viv in Northern Ireland.

We are grateful to anyone who mentions us to people who need us.