Market research: parents of insulin-pumping kids; 1-1, London, £50

Market research opportunity: parents of children with T1D using an insulin pump – £50 incentive for 1-1 interview in Central London

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Acumen Healthcare are currently looking to speak with parents of children with Type 1 diabetes who administer insulin via a pump, to take part in research interviews.

The session will be safe, non-invasive and there will be no selling involved.

The 60 minute one-to-one interviews will take place in London (W1) on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th August, at various times during the day.

Anyone taking part will receive £50 as a thank you for their time.

If you are interested, please follow the link  to apply-

Alternatively, you can contact Becca on 0161 242 5215 – for further information.

Acumen look forward to hearing from you!

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