Fusion 2018 guest post by Carole

I’m so pleased that I went to the INPUT Fusion meeting, as I learned much more about available technology, how it works and where it’s going. As a ‘lady of a certain age’ I confess I find technology can be very confusing and it was great to listen to the excellent speakers, all of whom used fairly simple language to make their talks accessible to the likes of me. I was fascinated listening to Professor John Pickup’s talk about the history of diabetes technology – we have so much to thank him, and other researchers like him, for. My brother developed diabetes in 1964, aged 10, and I remember well how rudimentary things were. We’ve come a long way, though there is a way to go. I also enjoyed chatting to other attendees, and in doing so I found out about the things you can use to turn the Freestyle Libre that I use into a CGM, eliminating the need to scan. I bought it immediately!

Amongst the people I met were two ladies who have been diagnosed with LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes) like me. It was so good to talk to them, and I hope to meet up with them again.

The importance of engaging with social media has become clear to me, if you want to be involved in the wider diabetes community and make certain you know what’s going on. It can be difficult for us oldies, but my first experience with INPUT has given me much more confidence to do so.

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