Fusion 2018 blog post by Alasdair (speaker)

Alasdair, who spoke in the #WeAreNotWaiting session, wrote about INPUT Fusion on his blog.

He writes: “I attended the INPUT FUSION day on the 2nd of June in the London Irish Centre in Camden. It has become a yearly event but this is the first that I had attended. Its logo above says it all – it was a really good way of getting 100 delegates and others to come and talk and share amongst themselves and representatives of different diabetes companies showing their wares. I had been asked to come and provide a viewpoint of OpenAPS and #WeAreNotWaiting whilst @understudypancreas aka Annie Astle provided the counter view – more of that later…”

To read the full post and view the slides he showed on the day, please visit his blog here.

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