Libre supplies restricted – again

The following message is from Abbott:

“Accelerating demand for the FreeStyle Libre system, paired with earlier than expected approvals and reimbursement in numerous countries, has led to shipping delays for web shop customers. We are working hard to address these issues and hope for the situation to be resolved by the summer.

We apologise for letting our customers down and we know these delays are unacceptable for the diabetes community. They’re unacceptable to us as well.

We are focused on providing access and we’re putting the following measures in place to resolve the current situation:
Until July, we are restricting access to our web shops to existing customers. Existing customers will be limited to ordering 2 sensors per shipment every 25 days.
We are offering all existing customers free shipping on orders until this delay is resolved.
We’re working on increasing our capacity and have also begun the process of building an additional manufacturing facility, which will further increase our output of sensors.

Those accessing the FreeStyle Libre system via NHS reimbursement should not be concerned about potential compromises to supply.”

What this means:

  • Global demand for Libre means sensors are in short supply
  • Prescriptions of Libre will not be affected
  • Existing web customers will be limited to a maximum order of 2 sensors every 25 days
  • The web shop will not accept any new customers until July 2018
  • Postage of web shop sensors will take longer than normal
  • You might get sensors quicker by buying from a pharmacy (check

We are very disappointed with this restriction, and urge Abbott to sort out their manufacturing of sensors for the sake of people who rely on Libre.

While Abbott sort themselves out, you might consider trying Dexcom. G5 sensors are licensed for 7 days but many people make them last for 2-3 weeks or more, and the transmitters last for 3 months. You will need to register to see the offer.

Give Dexcom a try for just £160. This promotional offer includes a single sensor and a G5 transmitter at a 36% discount! Alternatively, they are offering 4 sensors and a G5 transmitter for £275, that’s a £130 discount! Please do give them a call to discuss the details. UK numbers 020 7139 1980 / 0330 088 7877 / 0800 031 5761

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