Update: Animas supplies of Dexcom G4

Following the news in January that Animas will close operations in the UK, Animas have advised that they are no longer supplying Dexcom G4 sensors.

They wrote to all the customers they knew about but some may not have heard.

Their letter explains how to get your Dexcom G4 supplies from now onward, whether you are self-funding or are funded by the NHS.

The letter, dated February 2018 can be viewed here

It said:


Dexcom G4® PLATINUM CGM System – Update

We understand the trust and confidence you place in our products and company, and we recognize that you rely on our products to provide critical care and maintain your day-to-day health. Regrettably, we are writing to inform you that our agreement with Dexcom in relation to the supply of CGM products has come to an end. As a result, Animas will no longer be able to provide Dexcom G4® CGM from 1st April 2018. Effective immediately, Animas will begin transferring Dexcom product enquiries and requests to Dexcom.

What does this mean for you?

Private Purchases

If you are currently purchasing the Dexcom CGM yourself, we would recommend you contact Dexcom where you will be able to set up a direct account for continued supply. Dexcom can be contacted on:

Telephone: UK: 0800 031 5761
Email: UK: gb.sales@dexcom.com
Website: www.dexcom.com/en-GB

Funded by your Hospital/NHS Trust

If your Dexcom supplies are currently paid for by your Hospital/NHS Trust, we have contacted them to advise of the transition of supply direct from Dexcom. If your hospital orders CGM on your behalf, we would suggest you contact your Diabetes Team for clarification on how you proceed with future orders. If you currently order direct from Animas, we would recommend you contact Dexcom for further information. Dexcom can be contacted on the above details.

If you experience any issues with your Dexcom CGM products, now or in the future, whether obtained from Animas or Dexcom, please contact Dexcom on the above details.


Dexcom told us: (we) can confirm that Animas doesn’t supply G4 sensors any longer since the 1st of April and Dexcom has taken over the distribution of G4 to Animas pump users. Dexcom will definitely continue to supply G4 sensors to all of them. However we know that not all Animas/Dexcom users are aware of this transition despite our communication efforts so any help will be appreciated.

As we said in the January news item:

Animas Vibe users will be able to continue to use their Animas Vibe and Animas consumables until the warranty expires, UNLESS your diabetes care team believe it would be detrimental to your health.

It does not mean all Animas Vibe users will be switched to Medtronic pumps against their wishes.

By February 2022 there will be no Animas Vibe pumps in warranty and no further consumables will be available.

Click here to see a copy of the letter Animas UK sent to their customers in January about their close down.

For answers to any questions about Animas pump supplies please reach out to the Animas Customer Support team on 0800 028 8039

To compare Animas Vibe form and functions with other pumps have a look at our comparison table here.

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