Animas to close operations in UK

If you are an Animas Vibe user in the UK, you will have received a letter from Animas UK (or it is in the post) telling you that Animas UK will cease their operations in the UK as they did in the US in summer 2017. New pump sales will cease immediately. Consumables will continue to be available until the end of your pump’s warranty.

Animas is part of the global organisation Johnson & Johnson, who found global operations of Animas to be unprofitable. UK operations have been profitable but they are just a small part of the global brand.

We are disappointed by the loss of a major player in the pump arena here in the UK, and know that most Vibe users are very happy with their pumps.

The letter sets out the news and its implications, but you may still have some questions. Following conversations with Animas UK we hope to answer some of those questions below:

What does ‘preferred partner’ mean?

Nominating Medtronic as their ‘preferred partner’ allows Animas to ensure continuity of care after they have ceased operations. Animas insulin pump customers will get supplies and full customer care services from Animas for the duration of their warranty.

Local trusts may decide to terminate their contract with Animas and place it with Medtronic. At this point Medtronic will take over shipping your Animas supplies and will provide customer support for your Animas pump.  Or the trust and Medtronic may arrange to swap Animas Vibe users over to Medtronic pumps before the Animas pump warranty has expired.

Animas Vibe users will be able to continue to use their Animas Vibe and Animas consumables until the warranty expires, UNLESS your diabetes care team believe it would be detrimental to your health.

It does not mean all Animas Vibe users will be switched to Medtronic pumps against their wishes.

Dexcom G4 with Vibe

Those who are supplied by Animas with Dexcom G4 sensors (to use with Animas Vibe) will continue to receive their Dexcom supplies from Animas for the foreseeable future.

New Animas Vibe pumps on shelves

The 4 year warranty of Animas Vibe pumps commences on the date the pump is shipped from Animas. Therefore, if clinics have new Animas pumps on shelves waiting to be used these pumps will be supported until the warranty expires. For example if a clinic has had a new Animas Vibe in its store cupboard for one year and a patient starts to use it today, the warranty will run out after 3 years of use, and Animas will supply consumables and customer support for that 3 year period.

By February 2022 there will be no Animas Vibe pumps in warranty and no further consumables will be available.

One Touch brand to continue

For now, the One Touch brand of blood glucose meters and apps is unaffected, although it is under review by Johnson & Johnson (the brand owner).

Click here to see a copy of the letter Animas UK sent to their customers.

For answers to any questions please reach out to
the Animas Customer Support team on 0800 028 8039

To compare Animas Vibe form and functions with other pumps have a look at our comparison table here.

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