i-Port Advance injection port for MDI users

Medtronic are celebrating World Diabetes Day!

i-Port Advance™ is now available at a discounted price for a limited time only – offer ends 28 November 2017

How many times do you inject over 3 days?
Would you like to reduce that to one single skin puncture?

i-Port Advance is a small injection port that lets you take your insulin without having to puncture your skin for each injection. It’s easy to wear and easy to use, and both fast and long acting insulin can be injected into the same port. The port can be worn for up to three days during all normal activities, including sleeping, bathing and exercise.



Normally £72 online (ex VAT) for a box of 10 (1 month supply), from today until 28 November 2017 you can get a box of 10 for just £60 – the same price as at select Paydens pharmacies in the South East. Note this is currently not normally available on the NHS.

To find out more and take advantage of this offer click here

It won’t hurt to try…

What are the benefits?

iPort Advance™ has been proven to:

  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve quality of life

99% of patients report that i-Port Advance™ is beneficial
98% of patients think that i-Port Advance™ is comfortable to wear

What do patients say about i-Port Advance™?

“There were times before when diabetes restricted me. Parents would bring snacks and food to rehearsals and tennis matches, but I wouldn’t eat them because I didn’t want to take extra injections. Now, with i-Port Advance I can enjoy the food because I don’t mind taking the extra dose, and I feel just like any other teen in the room!”
Lindsey, age 16, has type 1 diabetes

To find out more and take advantage of this offer click here

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