MHRA Medical Device Alert: All Accu-Chek® Insight insulin pumps – updated information for battery management

2 May 2017

Manufactured by Roche Diabetes Care – Replacement and update to MDA/2015/029 with new instructions to improve battery lifetime and prevent unexpected pump shut down or rapid battery depletion. – click on this headline to see the full notice.


  • Identify all users of Accu-Chek Insight insulin pumps.
  • Ensure that all patients and carers:
    • Receive the manufacturer’s Field Safety Notice (FSN)
    • understand the problem detailed in the FSN and follow the advice given by the manufacturer
    • use Energizer® Ultimate lithium batteries (1.5V AAA / FR03) provided by the manufacturer and follow the steps described in the handling instructions in the FSN
  • Contact Roche if you experience unexpected pump shut down or rapid battery depletion.
  • Return the FSN acknowledgment form to Roche as currently the manufacturer hasn’t received enough responses.


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