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MHRA Field Safety Notice: Medtronic Infusion sets (specific lot numbers)

September 2017 Medtronic MiniMed Infusion Sets – Recall of Specific Lot Numbers – Potential over-delivery of insulin Medtronic voluntarily recalled specific lots earlier this month. Every Medtronic pump users should have been contacted by now. The specific lot numbers are: … Continue reading

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CGM – Costs and the systems available

How much does it cost? What systems are available? There are two costs associated with CGM; the initial outlay (for a transmitter and receiver) and the ongoing running costs (sensors, adhesive covers if necessary, batteries and replacement transmitters). The cost … Continue reading

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Pumps & infusion sets available in the UK

Click here to see our comparison table of all pumps currently available in the UK With thanks to Dr Peter Hammond who provided the inspiration and some of the data for this table.               … Continue reading

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