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Tax break for employers who provide CGM / Libre

For adult CGM / Libre users who are employed by helpful employers: there may be a tax break for employers who supply CGM / Libre to their employees. This information is from a professional tax adviser. It should work, but … Continue reading

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Flash Glucose Sensing (Libre)

Flash Glucose Sensing(FGS) is located under “CGM” simply because it uses a sensor and displays trends. It has its own page because it is not CGM but is more than blood glucose testing. Abbott describe their FreeStyle Libre as a … Continue reading

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CGM – Costs and the systems available

How much does it cost? What systems are available? There are two costs associated with CGM; the initial outlay (for a transmitter and receiver) and the ongoing running costs (sensors, adhesive covers if necessary, batteries and replacement transmitters). The cost … Continue reading

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