DOC (Diabetes Online Community)

The DOC (Diabetes Online Community) can be a valuable help and is becoming recognised by healthcare professionals and industry as an important resource.

View/download Kev Winchcombe‘s leaflet on How Social Media Helps us with Type 1 Diabetes

You can also get offline (face-to-face) support! See our Social get-togethers page

Do you use Twitter? Join in regular tweet chats: #GBDOC and #OurD


Forums: Connect with other people with diabetes/parents

Children with Diabetes in the UK – online community & email support group for parents

Circle D Rocks is for people with diabetes aged 18 – 30. They also have a Facebook group. – “the global diabetes community” – a UK online community supported by Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK – Talk to Someone – peer support by telephone and email

Diabetic Friend is an online community that helps you manage your diabetes and share stories”

Diabetics with Eating Disorders (DWED) – resource for everything related to Eating Disorders in Type 1 Diabetes. DWED is a registered charity

#GBDOC: empower connect support educate (including a live weekly Tweet chat)

Hedgie Pricks Diabetes – for the days you want to hibernate. Getting better awareness of the psychological, emotional and social side of living with diabetes

Insulin Pumpers-UK (IP-UK) – information about insulin pumping, plus an email support group

Some of the many Facebook groups:
Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes in the UK
Insulin Pump Users
GB Diabetic Online Community
Type One Teens
Parents of Type 1 Teens
Type 1 teens hangout
and many more, so you can find the one/s where you fit in best!


UK – Circles of Blue – “just one family dealing with type 1 diabetes”

UK – Every Day Ups and Downs – “a collection of thoughts, observations, comments and questions from a family living with type 1 diabetes in the UK”

UK – InsulinIndependent – “making sense of diabetes”

UK – LifeSportDiabetes – Melanie Stephenson, international athlete & pump wearer

UK – MyPump – information about pumps, blood glucose meters and more

UK – Poems for Active Diabetics –  “Poetic Ponderings of a Marathon-Running Diabetic”

UK – Shoot Up or Put Up – “Comatose and rotting toes – the lighter side of insulin dependency”

UK – Sugar and Spice…wish all things were nice – “I am a Consultant in Diabetes- trying to make a difference -if possible”

UK – The Grumpy Pumper – “It’s not about how hard you hit.  Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”

UK – The Prof’s Blog – by Professor Peter Hindmarsh of University College Hospital London, about paediatric type 1 diabetes

US – Diabetes Developments – a blog on the latest diabetes developments by David Mendosa

US – Diabetes Mine – “a gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes”

US – Six Until Me – “Diabetes doesn’t definie me, but it helps explain me”

US – Typical Type 1 – “Is there anything new to say about living with Type 1 diabetes? Maybe not, but I’ll try anyway”

Interesting articles from the diabetes blogosphere

Gary Scheiner, author of ‘Think Like a Pancreas’ keeps it real

AADE Training: Why Patients Don’t Listen to Their Diabetes Educators

For one day, Scott Hanselman tweeted every time he interacted with his Type 1, pump-controlled diabetes.

Have you seen our YouTube channel? here.  We are always happy to add case studies if you would like to record something and email it to us.

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