Market research: T1D online survey – £15 Amazon voucher

Market research opportunity: T1D survey – £15 incentive for 20 minute online survey

When our posts help to recruit participants for market research we earn a finder’s fee. These fees help with our running costs. By taking part or sharing our posts, you are helping to raise vital income for INPUT. Thank you!


Creative Medical Research (CMR) is looking for caregivers/parents of children under 18 with type 1 diabetes to fill out an online survey (on their own or preferably with their child present). There will also be qualifying questions to determine your eligibility. You will receive an Amazon voucher gift certificate for £15 for taking part and INPUT will receive a finder’s fee for all participants who take part via this link.

Creative Medical Research reserves the right to withhold incentive on the basis of irresponsible or fraudulent data given. Please be aware that at the end of this survey they will be collecting your email address, this will only be used for the purposes of distributing the incentive and not stored following the incentive being sent.

For more information please contact

Click here to start the survey

Note that a limited number of people will be able to complete the survey at the same time, so if you can’t access the survey leave it an hour or so and try again.

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