INPUT Virtual Flashmob 2016

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This bank holiday weekend includes the 151st day of the year, Monday 30 May 2016. To mark NICE TA151 (about insulin pump therapy) we will run our annual virtual flashmob to raise vital funds so we can continue to help people with diabetes access helpful technology.

Wikipedia describes a flashmob as “a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual … act for a brief time, then quickly disperse”

Everyone in the INPUT virtual flashmob crowd donates a one-off amount of just £5.

We know you love us! In the last 12 months over 40,000 of you have visited our website, more than 1,200 of you like us on Facebook and a similar number follow us on Twitter. If everyone using an insulin pump, CGM, Libre or a smart meter in England, Wales & NI gave £1 per year we would have all the donations we need.

We don’t get NHS funding. We get some support from medical device companies. Your donation, together with 219 others will enable us to provide 100 hours of one-to-one advice, attendance at JDRF Type 1 Discovery Days and other events, attending All Party Parliamentary Groups and the Diabetes Think Tank – making sure tech access stays on the agenda.

To participate simply text “PUMP16 £5” to 70070 now to give £5

PUMP165There is no deadline – you can text at any time on any day.

Please note we can’t collect Gift Aid through this service, so when the system asks, say no.

It really is a one-off – we will not follow up with any further contact asking for more.

Some of us will post a selfie saying why we are supporting the virtual flashmob (use hashtag #virtualmob, and if you would like your selfie to be added to the collage at the top of this page just include #me2).

Do you want to meet up with other people with type 1 diabetes as an actual ‘mob’? There are still places available for our social learning and support event and tech exhibition in Manchester on 11th June at INPUT Fusion.

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